Questions to Ask About Insurance

Questions to Ask About Insurance


The Editor is also the Founder of The Passive Investor website. He is a part-time practising General Practitioner (GP) with an interest in all financial and investment-related topics. He is particularly focused on the integrated use of residential property, commercial property and the sharemarket to develop effective financial strategies for wealth accumulation and distribution.

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Here are questions about insurance we think you should ask your insurance advisor:

How much insurance do I need?
What are the premium costs?
Do the premium costs and amount of insurance increase with inflation?
What is the difference between level and stepped premiums?
For how long and up to what age am I covered for?
Can I get “own-occupation” cover?
What is total and permanent disability (TPD) buy-back?
Are some definitions of disability better than others for a policyholder?
Is there benefit in having some TPD cover held outside super, particularly with respect to policies that have less restrictive definitions of disability?
What are the taxation implications of insurance payouts?

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