What we WILL NOT invest in?

Here is a fairly exhaustive list of the types of investments we generally like to avoid.

This is looking purely from an investment point of view, and with respect to our Primary Investment Objective and Investment Criteria.

There may well be non-investment, personal, lifestyle or other valid reasons to have these investments as part of your overall portfolio depending on your individual circumstances and particular expertise and skill-sets.

As you will see, some of these fall within our 4 Focus Areas or The Investment Pyramid discussed earlier.

Here they are…

Our Investor Beware List:


Off-The-Plan Property
High-Rise Apartments
Serviced Apartments
Studio Apartments
Very Small Apartments (<50m2)
National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) Property
Defence Housing
Property Managed Funds
Property Options/Wraps


Managed Funds
Structured Products


Mortgage Trusts


Precious Metals (eg. Gold, Silver)
Collectables (eg. Art, Antiques)
Forestry/Agricultural Schemes
Hedge Funds

Some of you will instinctively know why many of these are on our Investor Beware List, but some of you will not, and others will perhaps disagree with us.

As this website develops, we will discuss in more detail each of these different investments, and why we consider they do not suit our investment strategy.

That doesn’t mean that others can’t invest in these areas successfully, but that for us to increase our probability of long-term investment success we prefer to avoid them.

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