Primary Investment Objective and Investment Criteria

Our Primary Investment Objective

To develop a passive income stream from passive investments.

Our 10 Investment Criteria

We want investments that:

  1. We plan to hold for the long-term.
  1. Provide a regular, reliable and predictable income stream.
  1. Provide an inflation-hedged income stream.
  1. Provide long-term capital growth potential.
  1. Are simple and easy to understand.
  1. Have low fees and costs.
  1. We can leverage if necessary.
  1. Have higher after-tax and risk-adjusted returns.
  1. Make strong strategic and financial sense.
  1. And above all… are passive investments.


Is there a single investment that meets all of these criteria perfectly?


But, we can combine a number of different investments together to create an overall portfolio that meets most, if not all, of these criteria.

As investors, we need to think beyond individual investments made in isolation, and consider them in the context of an overall and long-term portfolio.

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