What about our own bias?

As much as we at The Passive Investor like to think we are independent and unbiased, we are inherently influenced by our own individual learnings, knowledge, experience, understanding and insight.

In particular this can be seen in our comments about property developments and private businesses.

Our experience has led us to believe these are higher risk and less passive investment pursuits, and as such are not really suitable for us, our Primary Investment Objective and Investment Criteria, or our Investment Risk Tolerance and Investment Personality.

However, this viewpoint is also limited and constrained by our experiences.

Therefore, we endeavour to be aware of this so we can be open to further learning and insight into these areas that may broaden our investment perspective and viewpoint in the future.

Maybe a property development can be done relatively passively, and without excessive risk?

Maybe a private business can be run relatively passively, and without excessive risk?

When we find out, we will let you know!

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