4 Focus Areas

The Foundation is the base you start from, and is the first and most important area to focus on, as your achievement and success here will ultimately determine your capacity to invest, and the type of investments and level of risk you can afford and are suited to participate in.

Investing in yourself, your career and/or your own business is a great investment, and one that will allow you to build up sufficient savings in cash (eg. in high interest online savings accounts), term deposits and/or bonds that will enable you to start investing in truly passive investments.

Contrary to truly passive investments, investing in yourself, your career and/or your own business is a very “active” strategy you need to consciously and pro-actively work on to develop, progress and succeed in.

The focus of this website is going to be on passive investments that will give you a passive income stream to enable you to achieve financial freedom and retire.

Based on our Primary Investment Objective and Investment Criteria, we have narrowed The Investment Pyramid down to 4 Focus Areas which we think people should focus their time, efforts and money on when investing.

While we will discuss many other investments on this website, we feel that focusing on these areas will achieve the most effective results for the majority of people in the long-term, whether this is as a first-time investor with a small amount of money to invest, or as a high net-worth, sophisticated or professional investor.

Our 4 Focus Areas:

  1. Residential Property
  3. Commercial Property
  4. Bonds


For most people we also feel that this should be the preferred sequence to start and develop your investing knowledge, experience and skills, with residential property and shares first, then commercial property, and then bonds for further diversification and to reduce overall portfolio risk later on (though bonds can be used as a short-term savings vehicle early on as well).

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